Zircon Fire Glasses

Product ID: Zircon Fire Glass
Weight: kilograms
Manufacturer: Kindle Fire Pits
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Zircon Fire Glasses
Reminiscent of colorful pastels, this lovely powder colorful fire glass is sure to be a hit whether uses in indoor fireplaces or out door fire pits. It is especially fitted to outdoor poolside areas to compliment the surrounding shades. Infused with silica, when your customers light their fire feature these lovely jewels like glass piece will reflect and refract the light of the flame, amazing guests and enhancing the mood of the environment.

All our Zircon fire glass is made of unused glass that has undergone a unique 5- step manufacturing process which renders it its lovely shine and also allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining any damage or discoloration. Use correctly Zircon fire glass could last you a lifetime.

Another big advantage of our fire glass is that it does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke or soot, thus it is very easy to maintain. What a wonderful way to beautify the environment and also hide those unseemly pipes and tubes that are often visible in gas fire features!

Zircon Fire Glass Specifications
Material: High quality glass put through a unique silica infusion process
Use: In fire bowls, fire pits and fire places.
Size: 1 inch thick
Heat Rating:  Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones and etc.
Quality Control: Stringent multi step QC encompassing polishing, sifting and packaging to U.S.A specifications for Kindle Fire Pits.
Cleaning: Easy cleaning, rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
Maintenance: remove any kind of debris before lightning- highly recommended
Warranty: contact customer services

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