Linear Burners

18”, 24” and 48” Stainless Steel (304 SS) Linear Burners
Product ID: SS-LB 18, 24, 36
Manufacturer: Specifically Made and Certified for Kindle Fire Pits to U.S.A Standards
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Stainless Steel Linear Burners
A warm, roaring fire glass display is just what you need to add some excitement to their next outdoor get together. The fire will warm the surroundings while the fire glass dazzles your guests and visitors, becoming the focus of all conversations. However, in order to organize a truly awesome fire glass display you will need the right equipment; this includes our linear drop-in for burner pan!

Maximizes the Magic, Minimize the Fire Glass
Linear burners reduce the amount of fire glass you will use, due to less width on single burner size. Also, linear burners use less energy but, still will give your setting a magical beauty. We recommend the linear burners to be used against a fix setting, such as walls or etc.
Extremely Durable & User Friendly
Made of 304 stainless steel, our linear burners are extremely durable, inexpensive and have been designed to withstand extreme heat and harsh weather without sustaining any damage or rust. Each burner is fitted with a convenient ½” nipple for easy attachment to a propane or natural gas supply. All that remains is to throw some fire glass on the fire pit and ignite the burner for a mesmerizing spectacle!

Please note, propane applications, a adjustable regulator and proper air mixer is required.
Stainless Steel Linear Burner Specifications
Dimensions: 18”, 24” and 48” Long
Material: Hand crafted with high quality 304 Stainless steel
Includes: Built in ½” gas inlet on bottom of burner for easy installation
Use in: Outdoor or vented indoor with natural gas or propane
Special note: MUST use our propane adapter for converting to liquid propane
Heat rating: Maximum output 108,000 B.T.U/ Hour rating
Warranty: Contact customer Service

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