24 Flat Pan

24" Round Flat Pan with Match Light Kit (18" Ring) - Natural Gas
Product ID: SS-FP-24
Manufacturer: Specifically Made and Certified for Kindle Fire Pits to U.S.A Standards
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Who can resist a nice, big, outdoor fire? Add some close friends and/or family to the mix and you've got a night to remember! Some people think setting up such a fire in their fire pit will be a daunting task, but that's simply not true. Now you can easily organize their own DIY fire display with our 24" round flat pan with match light kit or electronic ignition (natural gas or Propane). Our match light kit offers a quick and simple method to help you create an amazing fire display in their outdoor fire pit.
Our 24" round flat pan 18" ring  with match light kit (natural gas) comes fully equipped with all the following components:

24" Round Flat Burner Pan - Our 24" round flat burner pan greatly reduces the amount of fire glass you will need to fill your fire pit by creating a false bottom which gives the illusion that your fire pit is full, whereas only the top part of it is. All our round flat burner pans are made of 100% stainless steel, which means they are very durable and can withstand extreme heat as well as harsh weather without sustaining any damage or rusting. They also come with built-in, drilled weep holes to prevent water accumulation.

18" Ring Burner – The fire pit ring burner fits on top of your fire pit burner pan. It is made of high grade 304 stainless steel which ensures its durability under extreme heat and severe weather conditions. The cross bar design provides for better flame distribution.  The ring burner works best under 2 - 4 inches of fire glass.

Optional parts
•    Please note, propane applications, a adjustable regulator and a  proper air mixer is required.
•    Flex Gas Line - with safety shut-off valve and required fittings
•    Thermocouple
•    Electronic Ignition (requires battery)
•    Adjustable regulator
•    Volume knob, panel, connector
The only thing your customers need to provide is the match!
24" Round Flat Pan 18" Ring with Match Light Kit (Natural Gas) Specifications
•    Product Weight: 6 kg to 12 kg
•    Material: 304 Stainless Steel (hand crafted)
•    Dimensions: 24"
•    Ring Burner Features: Please note, propane applications a proper air mixer and a adjustable regulator is required.
•    Burner size: 18”
•    Includes: 1/2 bottom gas inlet for easy installation
•    Burner Heat rating: 147,000 B.T.U/Hour rating maximum
•    For use in: To be used in outdoor, vented, natural gas fire features ONLY
•    Warranty: Contact customer service
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