About us

    After more than 11 years of great achievements and excellent reputation in U.S.A., in outdoor leisure service, we’ve decided to expand our quality products and service, here in our beloved Iran. All of our products are originally designed, and developed in U.S.A.
    Our glasses and burners are certified and made to order for U.S.A standards.
    Due to extensive experience in representing number one quality and service, we are proud to offer products that are far above normal international certification standards. All of our burners carry at least one or more of the internationally trusted standard certificates.
    All of our burners are made out of the durable 304 stainless steel. With output of proximately 47% more light and heat in compare with available products in Iran’s market.
    All of our beautiful fire glasses are made out of heat resistant tempered glass that are able to withstand extreme temperatures of up to of 1300 Fahrenheit (705 Celsius). Therefore, they don’t leave soot, residue, smell, crack or melt and completely safe for environment and health.
    Fire glasses, produce and reflect more heat energy in compare to ceramic logs or stones. Studies show they output approximately 30% more heat and light in relative to products mentioned above.
    In combination of the two of our products, not only you can enjoy the great brilliant fire dance and warmth, in a dazzling unique custom designs but, you will have 60-70% more efficient systems.
    One of the most desirable options for our systems in Iran is the relative inexpensive cost and art work available for fire pit tables. You can custom design your fire pit table with any available stones, clay relief, concrete or Corian stones. Injunction with variety of colored glasses, you can design and order your system to your great individual taste. For example, your company logos, the beautiful colors of Iranian flag, map or etc.
    Currently Kindle Fire Pits doesn’t have any branches or dealers besides us!
    All Kindle Fire Pits rights are reserved under, Beinoll Mellali Atash Afrouz Dena Company. Any copy right infringed of its designs, trademarks will be prosecuted in accordance to the court of law.
    Kindle Fire Pits, has been registered as a brand.